Colombia: A long way to peace?

Toribio is one of Colombia's most conflictive towns. Its population is frequently caught in the crossfire of government soldiers and the FARC-guerillas. Toribio is also the birth place of the “Guardia Indígena”, an unarmed, volunteer group of over 800 men

Immobilis - Life on a campground

Many residents have had a hard past or have recently fallen upon difficult times. The campground often starts out as a temporary solution, but becomes a long-term situation as the weeks and months go by.

Potosi's little guards

Maxima and her family live on the Cerro Rico, the “rich mountain” in Potosí, Bolivia. Like 200 other families, they guard the entrance to one of the 500 silver-mines.


Until World War One, the Kurfürstendamm rapidly developed from an exclusive residential street into the cultural and commercial epicenter of the “New West” and became a synonym for the Golden Twenties. A portrait of the grand boulevard today.

Treasure hunt in Deutschneudorf

Since 1998 treasure hunters come to a small town in the german Ore Mountains to search for Nazi-Gold and the Amer-Room that has been stolen from Russia by the german troops during the second world war.

European Disaster Volunteers in Haiti

The work of the NGO “European Disaster Volunteers” one year after the earthquake. EDV works with young volunteers manly from the US ans Europe.

Zorreros of Bogotá

Since the age of ten Miguel Borda rides the improvised coach named “Zorra” through the streets of Bogotá in search of recyclable materials.

Crowded in Santiago

Immigrants from all over South America come to Santiago de Chile in search of a better life. Often they profit from the higher payment and better job offers but rarely have money to pay full rent or become a complete part society. They stay isolated in…

Initative 60

The “Initiative 60” is the grey resistance against a final nuclear storage in their home region Wendland in the north of Germany.