Immobilis - Life on a campground

Two years ago, Liselotte and Bernd Bielke broke up their apartment in Berlin because they could no longer afford the high rent in the city. They moved to a camper on the „Erlengrund“ campsite in Lower Saxony‘s town of Gifhorn, where they used to meet their friends for weekends away. They expanded their camper, and now it is surrounded by several garden huts and a small conservatory. The Bielkes are just one of the families living year-round at „Erlengrund“.

Many residents have had a hard past or have recently fallen upon difficult times. The campground often starts out as a temporary solution, but becomes a long-term situation as the weeks and months go by. Proximity to nature, cheap leases and a like-minded neighbors help residents forget their crowded and provisional homes. 

The „Erlengrund“ and „Sternsee“ campgrounds in Wilsche, which is near Gifhorn, Lower Saxony, have been declared local recreation areas. Since then, it has been legal to have a permanent abode here.
Little Dan rests in his big brother Jay‘s camper after playing.
Everyone knows everyone else on the campground. Some residents have been acquainted for de- cades. They know each other‘s intimate secrets and backgrounds, yet still they are happy to help each other out.
Autumn leaves pile up on the roof covering two garden huts which the Bielkes use as kitchen, dining room and laundry room.
Sascha Deutschendorfer (32) escaped from his criminal past in Berlin to the campground. Now he works for the municipal cleaning authority and has found new friends among the other campers, such as the Brigant family.
All spruced up for the Christmas party, Sascha sits on the sofa and strokes his Rottweiler.
Bernd Bielke has recovered well from his heart attack and can now look after his sick wife.
After many years of work in bars and restaurants, Liselotte Bielke suffers from strong pain in hip and knees. Her husband Bernd has to be with her at all times.
Heidi Brigant and her children Fay and Dan sit in front of a computer, looking at photos of their old house. In the background sits Peter, the stepfather. Despite frequent disputes with the neighbors, Heidi likes her life on the campground and wants to st
Sascha Deutschendorf talks on the phone while Dan Brigant looks around.
Fay and Dan Brigant look at a poisonous fly agaric in the nearby woods. In the mushroom-season they frequently search for mushrooms with their parents.
Sascha Deutschendorfer is having his hair cut by a friend.
When they were younger, the Bielkes often came from Berlin to Gifhorn to spend the weekend barbecuing with friends. Now the barbecue hut is used mainly for drying laundry and storing junk.
Bernd Bielke sprawls in his favourite TV chair while his wife gives herself an insulin shot.
Manfred Brandt says that he was with the French Foreign Legion for many years. Now he is enjoying his retirement on the „Erlengrund“ campground.
Fay, Jay‘s little sister, is crying and hiding behind a tree.