European Disaster Volunteers in Haiti

After natural disasters such as the tsunami in southeast Asia or the earthquake in Haiti, a wave of help roles over the devastated counties. Many professional NGOs come, but also a lot of small organizations with often inexperienced crews. Especially if the work of volunteer workers contributes to the situations is widely discussed. The NGO “European Disaster Volunteers” is one of those volunteer organizations. Andy Cheggar (34) from England, the founder of “EDV”, has been a victim of the Tsunami in 2004. He survived severely injures, his girlfriend died. This was a turning point in his life: He gave up his job as an engineer and works ever since in disaster zones, together with backpackers from around the globe. Currently his organization supports orphanages and reconstructs schools in Port-au-Prince.

A boy stands in the destroyed cathedral of Port-au-Prince.
Andy Chaggar, founder of EDV passes the destroyed Presidential Palace – a symbol for the weakness of the Haitian state after the earthquake.
Children work in a classroom while volunteers of the NGO “EDV” repair the roof of the small Emes-School.
The destroyed Voodoo-temple inside the former cultural center “Le Main Tendre” that is an orphanage today. The temples cupola fell inside the room..
EDV's founder Andy Chaggar stands in the middle of the organization's courtyard next to the pool – for the volunteers a quiet place in the middle of an often overwhelming city.
The volunteers sleep in these bunk beds covered by a mosquito net to prevent malaria.
The 19 years old volunteer Madelene from Chicago gives english lessons to orphans in Denis's orphanage. The children understood „A-like apple“, but as she arrives at „V – like vacuum cleaner“, non of the children knew what a vacuum cleaner was.
Kids in the orphanage “Le Main Tendre” are washing their hands – a simple way to keep cholera away.
Women make their hair on the roof of Denise's orphanage.
Even in difficult times Haitians always find a moment to laugh, smile and dance. The young volunteer's visit to Denise's orphanage is the perfect occasion for a little dance presentation.